Manhole Cover Lifter - Howe Green Floor Access Hatch Skate

The Howe Green Access Cover Skate is a manhole cover lifter.  It is a safe and easy solution for removing heavy manhole covers, floor access covers, floor access hatches and floor access doors.

manhole cover lifter - the access cover skate from howe green

Where would I use the Howe Green Access Cover Skate?

The Cover Skate is suitable to use in any location where safe and easy removal of manhole covers, access covers, floor access hatches and floor access doors is required to reach concealed services.   

You can find the manhole cover lifter being used in a wide range of non-residential environments including airports, hospitals, educational institutions, commercial premises and manufacturing facilities.

Why use a Howe Green Access Cover Skate?

  • A safer option

Removes the need to manually remove access cover, doors and hatches s when access to concealed service is required - resulting in less physical lifting for operatives. 

  • Easy to use

Designed to be a simple to use manhole cover lifting device that enables covers to be moved by a single operative.  The Cover Skate does not require any assembly and is ready for work on delivery.

  • Powerful

The Access Cover Skate can handle heavy duty manhole covers, access hatches and floor doors. With a 300 kilo lift provided from each Skate it is an ideal manhole cover lifter.

  • Portable

Each Cover Skate weighs 3 kilo and can easily be carried in an operative’s work bag.  The compact and lightweight nature of the Howe Green manhole cover lifter makes it ideal for maintenance operatives and facilities managers who are working across several sites.

  • Versatile

Suitable for use with all Howe Green floor access covers, floor hatches and floor doors. The Cover Skate can also be used with other manufacturers access covers, access hatches, access doors and manhole covers. Simply specify the name of the access cover manufacturer at the point of order and we will supply the appropriate lifting keys.

  • Long lasting

Manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel the Cover Skate is corrosion resistant and built to last.

  • Save time and save money

A two operative task becomes a single operative task with this manhole cover lifter. Reducing the number of operatives required to move an access cover allows for more efficient utilization of labor- saving time and money.

Want to see the Cover Skate in action?

Watch our short 'how to' video now to see how easy the Howe Green manhole cover lifter is to use.

Want to find out more?

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