Drawings - CAD Downloads

“Thanks again for the great service you and your team provided on the London Bridge Station project. The covers look good and everyone is pleased with the result.”

Rick Pereira
Site Agent
Comast Construction

"Please thank all concerned at Howe Green in the production and dispatch of the floor plates which arrived and were successfully installed in time for the International Volleyball Event at K2 Crawley.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the sales team."

Mike Goddin
Project Manager - Property
Crawley Borough Council.

Do you require a CAD drawing for one of our access covers? Here you can find technical drawings in *.dwg format.

If you cannot open a dwg file you can see a technical drawing in the relevant data sheet as a PDF or please call 239 689 5334 if you would like a hard copy sent to you.

Floor Access Covers

2500 Series - Wooden Floor Access Cover

3500 Series - Small Access Cover

5000 Series - Light Duty Access Cover

7500 Series - Medium Duty Access Cover

1050 Series - Heavy Duty Access Cover

HSE 75 Series - Medium Duty Hinged Floor Access Hatch

5 Bar Series - Light Duty Tread Plate Access Hatch

Visedge Series - Flexible Floor Access Cover

Visedge DS Series - Flexible Floor Edge Trim

Visedge VR Series - Flexible Floor Securing Joint


Wall Access Panels

Waldor 50 - Tiled Wall Hinged Access Panel

Tile-a-Door+ - Tiled Wall Access Panel

Combihatch - Plastered Wall/Ceiling Access Hatch


Ceiling Access Hatches

Combihatch - Ceiling Access Hatch