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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been making access panels?


Howe Green has been manufacturing floor, wall and ceiling access panels for over 30 years. During this time the company has developed an outstanding brand name and a worldwide reputation for quality, customer care and service.

What makes your access panels better than your competition?


We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor, wall and ceiling access hatches. Our long established pedigree in the industry has evolved from a “hands on” experience of Terrazzo flooring. Our floor access panels were developed to address the problems we experienced when requiring access to services underneath such flooring. Our product development continues to be customer driven – we are recognized and respected for solving problems for our customers.

We have invested heavily in plant and equipment so that we can precision manufacture to order – with no time or cost penalty to our customers.

Where are your access panels made?


Our access panels are currently manufactured in the United Kingdom however stock of our most popular standard products and sizes are held with our North American distributor FF Systems in Florida, USA and Ontario, Canada.

What are your USP's?


Flexibility is the key differentiator for Howe Green. We appreciate that our customers have very unique requirements and our manufacturing process is set up to ensure that we can deliver whatever floor, wall or ceiling access panel you need.

Our approach to product quality, design innovation, technical support and customer service is based on a process of continuous review and refinement – we are always looking to improve what we do and how we do it.

Why should I use one of your access panels?


You will join thousands of companies who have benefited from the many years of experience of manufacturing floor access covers that Howe Green has and makes available to our customers. The quality of our product is at the heart of our manufacturing process and is never an issue. Precision manufacturing to order means that you will get exactly what you want – you never have to “make do”.

Which countries use your access panels?


Howe Green floor access panels are used all over the world. We have customers in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong and Scandinavia.

Where can I buy your products?


Call (239)-689-5334 or email us using the Contact Us form and we will advise how you can purchase Howe Green access panels.

How long is your warranty?


3 Years

What does your warranty cover?


Materials and workmanship

Do you offer a discount for large orders?


Our pricing structure does allow for a more competitive price for larger orders as economies of scale apply to both manufacture and delivery charges. Please contact us for details.

What exactly do you mean by the term “customer driven product development”?


Over the past thirty years Howe Green has developed a reputation for responding to customer requirements. If a customer has an access problem our team is happy to work with them to resolve it. A number of the products in our existing portfolio have arisen as a result of working with our customers to address a specific problem. If you have an access problem that you cannot get your head around then Contact Us and we will work with you to devise a cost effective and practical solution.

Are your products environmentally friendly?


The impact our products will have on the environment throughout their life is something that is given serious consideration by the Howe Green team. We always strive to use materials that are capable of being recycled; we review our production processes to ensure they have minimal environmental impact and we advise our customers on the responsible disposal of our products once they reach the end of the life cycle.

I am interested in becoming a distributor for Howe Green in the US, what do I need to do?


We would love to hear from you! Please complete the simple form on our Become a Distributor page and we will be in touch


Floor Access Hatches

What type of services are floor access hatches generally used to give access to?


Howe Green floor access covers, floor hatches and floor access doors have been used to provide aesthetically pleasing access to all types of services – from drainage in domestic conservatories to electrical power and telecoms cabling in some of the most prestigious office complexes in the world to heating and ventilation in shopping malls.

Why would I use a floor access trim, such as the 2500 Series, instead of a floor access cover?


The 2500 Series floor access trim has been designed specifically to give access to services concealed under wooden flooring. The slim profile of the 2500 Series ensures that it fits within the thickness of a standard wooden floor. The benefit of this is a reduction in the amount of preparation required – it is not necessary to cut rebates into whatever is beneath the flooring. Whilst the majority of floor access covers in our range are also suitable for use with wooden flooring the 2500 Series is the thinnest and lightest in our product portfolio.

What is a recessed access cover?


A recessed access cover allows any type of flooring to be fitted flush into the access cover to provide an aesthetically pleasing and safe finish whilst providing access to concealed services.

At Howe Green we have a range of access covers, floor door and floor hatches to accommodate all types of flexible flooring such as vinyl, linoleum, rubber and some carpets and hard flooring including ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, concrete, resin, wood and parquet floors. Our 1050 Series is also suitable for external grade paving slabs such as granite and concrete.

What is a "floating timber floor"?


A floating timber floor is a floor finish that is able to slide over the subfloor to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the timber as moisture levels change. Therefore our 2500 Series needs to move with the floor.

What is the difference between a double seal and top edge seal on a floor access hatch?


A double seal on an access cover offers the highest levels of hygiene and security and should be chosen for environments where these factors are critical, for example kitchen areas in commercial premises and restaurants.
A top edge seal helps prevent dirt, grout or grinding waste ingress which in turn prevents an access cover becoming stuck in position, particularly where it is not opened on a regular basis.

Can all your floor access hatches be used internally and externally?


The majority of our floor access hatches are either light or medium duty and therefore may not be suitable for external use where heavy vehicle traffic may be present. The 1050 Series is a heavy duty floor access door and has been designed specifically for external situations where a heavier duty loading is required, up to a 7 ton pneumatic wheel load.

What sort of floor access cover should I use if I require frequent access to concealed services ?


In a situation where frequent access is required to concealed services it is advisable to opt for the HSE 75 Series hinged access hatch. The multi-link hinges and gas springs facilitate easy and safe access to under floor services requiring regular maintenance.

What is the difference between a tread plate, such as the 5 Bar Series and a recessed access cover?


The 5 Bar Series tread plate cover is the ideal access cover for environments where a functional rather than an aesthetically pleasing solution is required, for example where access to concealed services is required in basement areas and plant rooms.

What is a clear opening as referred to in the product datasheets?


The clear opening is the size of the pit that the access cover is above. The overall size of the cover has to be larger than the pit.

What optional features are available?


Double seals are available on the 5000, 7500, 1050 and HSE 75 series access covers. The double seals provide the highest level of hygiene and security.

Brass, stainless steel or colored high impact pvc show edges are available on the aluminum versions of the 5000 and 7500 series.

Underside release hatch is available on the HSE 75 series.

What is the safety load?


The load bearing capacities of our floor access hatches vary from light duty or pedestrian to the 1050 Series, which has a heavy duty pneumatic wheel loading, up to 7 ton.

How do I determine which type of access panel is right for my application?


You can email us using the Contact Us form or phone (239)-689-5334 for further guidance.

How long will it take to get a a floor ccess panel?


Our standard manufacturing lead time is 7-10 days.


Wall and ceiling access hatches

What optional features are available?


Waldor 50
Doors can be fitted with either "push pull" concealed or security locks.
Stainless steel show edge is available for both the door and the frame.

Covers can be fitted with either a budget/security lock or magnetic latch if required.

Special finishes are available - for example brushed stainless steel.

Covers can be fitted with either budget or security locks.
Outer frames can incorporate a plaster bead or picture frame surround.
Special finishes are available - for example brushed stainless steel.